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The Blackberry is a popular branded mobile phone manufacturer that pioneered infamous smartphones for business professionals. Original Hard Blackberry cases are also one of the great need for blackberry smartphones. Let’s take a look at the history trends of blackberry devices.

Founded in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin, New BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion) released its first simple device - BlackBerry 850 – in 1999.  

Despite this cool device just being a paper, it became very popular due to it supporting email and web browsing stuff. Three years later, the Blackberry 5810, which was the first normal Blackberry device to include call-making abilities, was released.  

The BlackBerry 5810 stylish smartphone, which had a great monochrome screen, was also the officially first handheld from RIM to carry GSM and GPRS. The only problem with this pro device was that users had to plug in a headset just to make calls.

This issue was resolved in the stunning BlackBerry 6710, which ultra featured a built-in audio hardware. In 2003, Top Blackberry introduced the 7200 and 7700 series, which high featured coloured screens.

The first modern BlackBerry device came out in the form of the 8100 in 2006. This Simple device featured BlackBerry’s iconic trackball - a feature that would become a staple of other RIM devices.

Although Quote BlackBerry sales have seen a steady decline following the arrival of the other low-priced Android devices , some people are still loyal to the shell brand.

Although girly BlackBerry Devices look more solid compared to other plain devices, it is still top advisable to invest in a beautiful blackberry phone cover.

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